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Q. How long do I wait prior to Painting & Decorating after you have just plaster skimmed my walls or ceiling?

Blake Plastering Answer: You will see when the plaster has "gone off," the plaster turns from a dark colour to a very light pink. The entire area must be completely dry and gone off prior to painting/decorating.
Celings usually take around 3 days to dry to good. The drying of newly plastered skimmed walls will vary depending on the type of substrate plaster has been applied to i.e...Rendered walls can take longer to dry, than say dry lining - stud walls. Plastered walls will usually dry to good with in 3-5 days.

Q. How long does plaster take to dry?

Blake Plastering Answer: The drying time is dependent on background, thickness of plaster and air temperature. The average drying time is around 3 to 5 days from completion.
Q: Do I need to purchase specialist paint for re-painting over bare plaster, after my walls or ceiling have been re plastered?

Blake Plastering Answer: No. From experience with painting and decorating - I use emulsion paint which is diluted by 20% to 25%. In the trade this is known as a wash or mist coat. Paint the bare plaster with the wash/mist coat, this will seal the plaster, leave to dry for a good period of time (8 hours), re-apply further coats of undiluted paint with a roller and complete all the painting and decorating to good.